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What Can You Do About an Impaired Immune System

What Can You Do About an Impaired Immune System

Impaired Immune System

Here is what you can do


There has not been a time in our lives when more people were worried about their immune health. If you worry that you have impaired immune function, or you want to know how to boost your family’s immune health, keep reading…

You know when your back hurts or you get a cut, and it gets inflamed? We all know the feeling, and people generally understand that type of inflammation. But inflammation – or your body’s inflammatory response – is so much more than a tight back. The inflammatory responses that you can’t see or feel, are the ones that can be more dangerous. More immune response is NOT the same as the right immune response.





Inflammation occurs when the immune system is trying to fix or heal something in the body.

It’s the human body trying to protect itself from harm. If your immune system is burdened by hyperactivity, your body is less able to defend itself. Think of it this way: if you just ran a marathon, are you going to have more or less energy? You’d be exhausted, and that’s what happens to your immune system too.




One piece of good news:

there are ways to limit inflammation.

It’s highly recommended that you minimize sugar, trans-fats, and processed food. What about processed food sold in health stores? Those too! Just because a “health store” sells processed food, does not mean it’s actually healthy.


The second piece of good news:

You can calm an overactive immune system with the right precision probiotics.


Good bacteria act within your body to balance the immune response – which is exactly the strong middle ground you need. Try our Healthy Trinity System or Healthy Trinity to repair and support your immune health today.