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Paperfloc – the new ecological packaging for chilled shipments!

Paperfloc – the new ecological packaging for chilled shipments!

The paperfloc shipping systems are the new, innovative insulating packaging for chilled shipping developed by Easy2cool GmbH to support business in shipping fresh food across Europe. Our insulated bags and boxes are made from 100% recyclable materials and can be disposed of completely with paper waste.

– Sustainable insulating packaging made from recycled waste paper

– The paperfloc insulation elements can be disposed of as a whole in the paper waste

– The insulating layer consists of cellulose fibers

– Safe for food and pharmaceuticals

– 100% recyclability in the existing waste management system

– High insulating effect, high shock absorption


Easy2cool GmbH is a company from Munich that specializes in individual, passive cooling solutions and offers holistic cooling concepts for the protection of temperature-sensitive goods.

They are a manufacturer of thermal insulation systems based on waste paper.

For production, the waste paper is delivered in bales then shredded and processed in a closed processing process. The process requires very little energy and pollutes neither water nor soil. The paper is shredded and then shaped into a mat.

The thermal insulation systems are suitable for the temperature range from 0 to 8 degrees (fresh shipping).



We are often asked “how can I keep my products chilled while travelling”, with the paperfloc packaging you can keep it and reuse it, just wrap your products in the packaging and it will maintain your probiotics viability, until you can put them in the fridge again.

Express Shipping

In addition to the new paperfloc packaging we will continue to add an ice pack with each order and use the fastest delivery services available.