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‘Natural Treatments for Gut Infections’ by Jini Patel Thompson

‘Natural Treatments for Gut Infections’ by Jini Patel Thompson

Jini Patel Thompson has been helping people heal themselves for many years.  In her book ‘Natural Treatments for Gut Infections’ published in 2014, she says that more than 40,000 people have used her established Protocols to get their health back on track. Her own journey began after three years of conventional medicine failed to heal her of the Crohn’s disease that had been diagnosed. It was then that she decided to set out on her own journey to find a way to heal her body. This journey took her seven years of trying different diets, herbs and supplements until she eventually found what worked for her. With no advertising her successful actions spread simply through word of mouth.

Jini wrote her first book ‘Listen to Your Gut’ which contains a comprehensive healing programme for those suffering from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and ‘Natural Treatments for Gut Infections’ contains two of the Protocols from the original book.

The first of these Protocols is wild oregano oil which is an anti-inflammatory substance as well as an extremely potent anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic agent. Wild oregano oil is taken from a particular species of oregano that grows wild in rocky areas of the Mediterranean. It is a relatively new discovery and not very much has been known about this amazing remedy until quite recently. There is scientific research being made in its efficacy and it is already being hailed as a possible treatment for conditions such as eczema and other fungal type infections such as herpes. Wild oregano oil can also be used to treat gum infections, mouth ulcers, sore throats as well as flu and chest infections, both viral and bacterial. This is definitely a substance worth having in your natural medicine cupboard.

In her book Jini discusses the use of wild oregano oil in the treatment of infection and inflammation of the gut. There is a full section on how this oil can help heal the gut, eliminating infectious micro-organisms such as yeast, viruses and parasites etc. By following her three-phase Protocol, which includes using wild oregano oil, Natren probiotics and a probiotic retention enema, you can, as she and thousands of others have, heal yourself of this very debilitating disease. Detailed instructions for the enema can be found in the book.

Wild oregano oil can be used topically or internally but care should be taken to follow directions. It has a very strong flavour which some people may find distasteful, and can cause a burning sensation that can be quite unpleasant if not diluted correctly in carrier oil.

Chapter two of the book discusses the benefits of probiotics and how too many bad bacteria within the gut can cause many different negative side-affects. Not only can good bacteria help support the body against such diseases as IBS and IBD, they can also help protect against the development of food allergies. Probiotics not only provide good bacteria but they will help to reduce, if not eliminate, many harmful pathogens such as yeast, fungus, mould, parasites and viruses. They will also help form a protective coating of your mucosal cell lining and produce B vitamins and digestive enzymes which in turn will aid proper digestion and the absorption of nutrients.

It is vital when taking probiotic supplements that you purchase the best quality available.  The production of probiotics is not regulated and there are many unscrupulous manufacturers providing probiotics which at best will provide you with little or no nutritional benefit at worse could potentially be harmful when consumed.

Natren produce their products in a highly controlled environment to ensure that they contain the maximum amount of beneficial bacteria. Jini has a complete section in her book on the importance of how and why probiotics are produced and what to look out for when purchasing these very vital supplements.

‘Natural Treatments for Gut Infection’ is a very accessible and informative book on how to go about treating and ultimately healing diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome and other such infections of the gut and digestive system. It is also very informative on the subject of wild oregano oil and its benefits. This amazing discovery has been called, in recent years, a natural antibiotic, something we should all be interested in now so many infections and bacteria are becoming resistant to the use of conventional antibiotics.