NATREN’s Healthy Trinity

Three Tried and True Super Strains

  1. Predigestion

Lactobacillus bulgaricus, 5 billion CFU

2.  Immune Support

Lactobacillus acidophilus, 5 billion CFU

3.  Helps eliminate toxins

Bifidobacterium bifidum, 20 billion CFU


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La poudre et les capsules de Natren® Founder
Natasha Trenev

natasha trenev


Natren comes from a long tradition of probiotic excellence and cultural heritage, beginning over 750 years ago in the northern region of Macedonia. Helmed by husband and wife team Natasha & Yordan Trenev, Natren® quite literally brought probiotics to North America, introducing Americans to the culture of live cultures. With Yogurt as the original vehicle for probiotics, Natasha & Yordan eventually developed a probiotic product line containing the full spectrum of healthy gut flora. As a result of their rich history and innovation in this pivotal industry, Natren is simply elevated above the rest.

  • Pharmaceutical Grade Facility
  • Decades of Scientific Research
  • Validated Third Party Testing
  • Proven Survivability

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Not all probiotics are what they seem!

Where do your probiotics come from?

At Natren, we have isolated every important detail associated with probiotics. From research to manufacturing and even to method of delivery, we directly control each detail along the way, leaving no variables in producing maximum effectiveness. Your health is important to us.

  • Made by Natren in the USA
  • Highest quality & manufacturing standards
  • Pharmaceutical testing for purity
  • One of the few to have attained International cGMP certification
  • Superior strain selection & protection
  • Cold chain delivery all the way to your doorstep
  • 100% potency of each strain guaranteed
  • Plastic-free bottles and caps, environmentally friendly

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